Coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports their client in achieving specific personal or professional goal, by providing guidance.

  • Coaching is a relationship between client and coach based on confidentiality, trust, honesty, integrity, and non-judgment.
  • We move you forward in a safe place, exploring your confidence and bring about effective change in your life. And help you focus on what you need at that time in your life.
  • This is implemented by devising a strategic plan that holds you accountable, delivering your goals
  • We walk alongside our clients, supporting, inspiring, motivating, encouraging and empowering their desired goals.

We encourage personal and developmental growth, awareness, and widening your horizons by opening inner and outer blocks that could be restricting you from moving forward.

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. it is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” John Whitmore in Coaching for performance.


It brings me great joy seeing women flourish and immerse into their wholeness, greatness and accepting all parts of their being. Women who are open and willing to work on the relationship they have with themselves. It’s fundamental in recognizing who you really are. In order for the coaching relationship to be effective, clients must believe that they have the power to create the lives they want to create. Through the power of coaching, we help clients “see” the highest vision and the magnificence of themselves. Encouraging their natural desire to grow and express themselves. Clients include ;

  • women who have lost their identity through relationships and bringing up children and careers
  • women who are always looking for love, worthiness, acceptance, and value externally, and need guidance finding these resources from within
  • women who have been in co-dependent relationships
  • women who are people pleasers, they please everyone but themselves and neglect their own needs
  • women of culture or women who generally are not aware of boundary issues
  • women who are uncertain of their paths but realize there is something missing in their lives, there is something incomplete
  • women who have done some self-development work but need guidance in the next phase of their lives
  • women who have a desire to grow powerfully and courageously and need support to express themselves


“It’s been two years since I had my coaching with Manisha and the results were almost immediate. After a few weeks, I knew I wasn’t living the life I wanted deep inside. I realized I took the path that was the safest choice but not necessarily my own. My life has changed during and after our time together. I am brave and honest with myself and now choose who I let in my life. I no longer let people take advantage of my good heart for their purpose. I am happy to say I’m chasing my dreams and simply living my life on my own terms. You were a great support in my transformation, trustworthy, friendly and kind.” 

 Agnieszka Banach

“Manisha has a way of asking the right questions to pull out exactly what you need to hear, “yourself say”. She gives you the tools that puts the power back in your hands in order to direct your life. You can tell she loves what she does because she does it with so much compassion, even when you need to hear the truth it comes from a place of love. ”

Olivia Khan

” When Manisha first approached me about life coaching, I had no idea what this would involve. She made me focus on my life holistically and help me explore the areas I wanted to improve! The sessions provided me with guidance, positive encouragement, and the strength to take control and plunge into a life-changing career. I found myself back at university, in a new job and I am still focusing on my health goals. I didn’t know at the time but she was a blessing in disguise and came into my life from a different perspective. I cannot thank Manisha enough! You have been kind, supportive, honest and really easy to talk to. Thank You !”

Meera Patel

“I can highly recommend Manisha. She is an outstanding coach, and really helped me to understand myself more intimately. Her expert support and insightful questioning can open doorways you didn’t even know existed, and set you on the path of true happiness. Because you’re worth it.”

Gavin Mitchell


I offer 1-1 coaching based on an initial complimentary session.

Ideally, sessions last over a minimum of a 3 month period to see effective and sustainable change.

Sessions last around 45 minutes and are weekly or based on your agenda.

For any inquiries please contact me at