At the heart of every life is compassion. For myself, compassion has become a way of being. I thrived on being compassionate. I would consider myself being loving, supportive and compassionate to close friends, family, and relations but never extended that courtesy to myself. I had to begin from a space that was unknown to me. My journey began with a growing inner awareness of my ‘self’ and being more open to love and compassion. I truly had to love myself, without it sounding too cliche. Being compassionate to oneself was not the norm, it was an alien concept. I embraced it and became familiar with nurturing and nourishing my needs. Most importantly, being compassionate meant that I was able to live a life that was harmonious, aligned and in tune with my being.

It was a process of being gentle, kind and nourishing to myself. It also meant being less harsh and judgemental. I was now embracing my hidden scars and wounds. I was accepting the parts that I once disowned. I was accepting WHO was being revealed. I was open to moving forward. This has been a process of growth, renewal and unmasking my soul. I have learned to honor and harness the true essence of who I am despite (under) the layers of conditioning through society, education, peer pressure, parenting, and even social media.

True compassion means honoring, nurturing and tending to myself foremost. This does not necessarily mean abandoning loved ones. We can truly embrace compassion for others when we can learn to love ourselves once again. Compassion no longer remains superficial or external, it is now embraced at a cellular level. It is a way of being.

The path of self-compassion, self-renewal, and self-harmony is a commitment I have made to myself. A continuation of my beingness. My growing awareness and openness have unraveled compassion to all walks of life, including animals. Within a few months of turning 40 I became vegetarian, two months later I became a vegan and have not looked back. A decision that changed my eating habits and lifestyle but drew me closer to who I really am, and being in complete alignment. Lessening my contribution to animal suffering, it was the most compassionate thing I could do for animals. IT ALL MADE SENSE TO ME AND THAT WE ARE ALL CONNECTED IN THIS MYRIAD WE CALL LIFE.