About Me

Hi, I’m Manisha. I left my job of 17 years in the manufacturing industry and set about on a new venture. I’m a Certified Professional Coach and Masters of Wisdom and Meditation teacher. I qualified as a coach (CPC) In November 2017 with IPEC coaching, accredited by the ICF the coaching governing body. I certified as a meditation teacher with davidji in October 2018.

Its been a privilege and honor to have these qualifications as part of my credentials. They have become my armor, its a testament to the person I am today. I’m fortunate to say that my line of work is in alignment with my values and my being. My philosophy in life is that of self-growth, self-realization, self-compassion and to unapologetically trail blaze and commit to my path.


Having said that, the road to becoming aware of my self-worth and self-love was not straightforward. I had many personal challenges to overcome. I was a people pleaser, perfectionist, and a frantic worrier.  Becoming aware of my behaviors, shining light on how I related to other people and how I showed up in the world, was a revelation through my coaching process. That’s why I feel compelled and so passionate about the benefits of coaching. And feel directed to deliver this as a service.


My inner journey has taken me to various workshops and meditation retreats. I’m a believer in perpetual self-growth and looking to become a better version of myself in the process. Along with IPEC’s internal coaching training, I’ve attended Landmark Forum and Vipassana meditation retreat (2017).  Lewis Howes Summit of Greatness 2018 and davidji meditation retreat 2018. I will always be a strong advocate of self-development. As it initiated my own inner journey.